Practical Chord Progressions: Overview

In this series, I will be discussing the use of chord progressions in songwriting. My approach will be a little unusual, however. For the most part, I will not be discussing stock chord progressions that a player can integrate into their repertoire. Instead, I will outline some techniques for becoming familiar with basic chord relationships.

These techniques are not just meant to help players learn theory. They’re meant to be practical methods for coming up with songs. Each article in this series will serve as a recipe for writing a verse, chorus, or bridge.

Here are some of my aims in writing this series:

  1. Provide beginners with some practical starting points for songwriting (so they won’t get stuck staring at the instrument wondering what to do next).
  2. Provide methods for breaking out of habits and looking at simple chord progressions in new ways.
  3. Illustrate how many different kinds of songs can be written around the same simple chord changes.

I highly recommend getting a digital dictaphone or other portable recording device for these and other exercises on this site.

There are many ways to approach songwriting. This series will provide you with one effective framework for thinking about how chord changes work.

So why not get started now?

Write better chord progressions.

Chord Progressions Cheatsheet

Quickly get started writing chord progressions, or adding variety to your current approach. Techniques, tables, and sample progressions.

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