How to Find the Key for a Melody

Once you know the key of your song, you'll be able to narrow down your choices of chords (and notes) that will probably sound 'right'. Let's look at two ways to find the key for a melody.

The Super Key: Beyond Major and Minor Keys

There's a world beyond major and minor keys, and it can really open up possibilities for your songwriting. Let's explore how to combine them together into a super key!

Harmonic Functions for Songwriters

Harmonic functions provide one framework for understanding why some chord progressions work and others don't. Let's take a closer look at harmonic functions in major keys.

Understanding the Modes of the Major Scale

There are two methods to find (and understand) the modes. Let's explore these, and then order the modes from 'most major' to 'most minor' to better understand their distinctive sounds.

Writing Minor Key Chord Progressions

Minor key progressions can be tricker to write than with major. Let's look at some practical frameworks you can use for writing your own minor key songs.

Writing Major Key Chord Progressions

Understanding how to write major key chord progressions provides a foundation for your songwriting, no matter where you want to go with it. And you only need to familiarize yourself with six chords.

Music Theory for Songwriting

Music theory isn't necessary for writing songs, but it can help broaden your options. Let's look at the parts of music theory that are particularly helpful for songwriters.