Writing Major Key Chord Progressions

Understanding how to write major key chord progressions provides a foundation for your songwriting, no matter where you want to go with it. And you only need to familiarize yourself with six chords.

Music Theory for Songwriting

Music theory isn't necessary for writing songs, but it can help broaden your options. Let's look at the parts of music theory that are particularly helpful for songwriters.

What is a Pre-Chorus?

Sometimes songwriters place a section in between verse and chorus to build tension and add interest. It's called the pre-chorus.

What is a Chorus in a Song?

A good chorus normally hooks the listener and presents the core idea of the song in a memorable way. Let's see how.

What is a Verse in a Song?

Let's explore the characteristics of song verses. Understanding the details will help you improve your own songwriting.

Build a Backlog of Song Ideas

It may seem that fully-fledged songs are the goal of songwriting. But building a backlog of song ideas can actually be a much more effective aim.