What is a Chorus in a Song?

A good chorus normally hooks the listener and presents the core idea of the song in a memorable way. Let's see how.

What is a Verse in a Song?

Let's explore the characteristics of song verses. Understanding the details will help you improve your own songwriting.

Build a Backlog of Song Ideas

It may seem that fully-fledged songs are the goal of songwriting. But building a backlog of song ideas can actually be a much more effective aim.

How to Be Inspired to Write Songs

Don't wait around for inspiration to strike! A consistent practice is the best way to create inspiration and take control of your songwriting.

How to Practice Writing Songs

Practice is the best way to write better songs. But the wrong kind of practice can create bad habits. Let's explore how to practice effectively.

Songwriting Quality vs. Quantity

I'm sure you've heard that quality is better than quantity. When it comes to songwriting, thinking this way can actually lead to lower quality songs!

Why is it Always the Key of C Major?

Whether it's this site or any other, people are always talking about the key of C major. What is it and why is it treated as the standard key?